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Professor Peter Kindler presents a seminar on the applicability of employee co-determination in Australia.

Deakin Law School's Centre for Comparative Corporate Governance (CCCG) invites you to attend a seminar presented by Professor Peter Kindler, University of Munich, Germany on the German model of employee codetermination (Mitbestimmung): Can it work in Australia?

Speaker: Professor Peter Kindler, University of Munich, Germany

Chair: Dr Ben Saunders, Deakin Law School

A key feature of the German corporate governance model is that for certain companies a two-tier board system is mandatory, namely for all public companies and private companies employing more than 500 employees: These companies must have a management board and a supervisory board.

Another key feature is that for these companies between one third and half of the supervisory board seats are filled by employees, elected by employees or Trade Unions. This model has been in place in Germany since 1952 and is widely known as Codetermination (Mitbestimmung). Some commentators hail Codetermination as a core aspect that contributed to Germany‘s economic success. Others are more sceptical about Codetermination, but will it work in Australia?

In this seminar, Professor Peter Kindler will analyse the operation of the German model of Codetermination, and focus on the following questions: 



Event Details

Thursday, 1 February 2018

5.30pm - 7.45pm

Deakin Downtown
Level 12, Tower 2
727 Collins street
VIC 3008

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03 9246 8325


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