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DLS strengthens international ties with the University of Leeds School of Law in the UK.

Deakin Law School’s Centre for Comparative Corporate Governance (CCCG) along with the University of Leeds School of Law, UK are hosting the 2018 International Corporate Governance and Law (ICGL) Forum. Financial support is granted by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

The conference will explore topics around the theme of “Boards of Directors: Composition and Process”. For example, do we need to re-think that laws and code of corporate governance that prescribe the make-up and actions of board members? Should there be greater diversity and should boards represent wider interests than just shareholders? Is it time to re-think board structure?

Presenters at the forum include Director of CCCG Professor Jean du Plessis of Deakin Law School. In addition, Deakin University Professorial Research Fellows, Prof Andrew Keay, Prof Beate Sjafjell and Prof Gill North will speak at the conference.

For more information regarding the Forum, please visit ICGL webpage.

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