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Professor Zhang Naigen, Director, Center for International Law, Fudan University presents

The Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence is the cornerstone of diplomatic policy adopted by the People's Republic of China. Chinese scholars of international law have conducted plenty of research on the third principle, such as the non-interference in each other's internal affairs.

However, it is necessary to do further research on this principle related to Article 2.7 of the United Nations Charter and the Responsibility to Protection.

Deakin Law School is delighted to have Professor Zhang Naigen, Director, Center for International Law, Fudan University discuss general theories and practices of international law. Professor Naigen will also focus on application of this principle in contemporary international relations with consideration of the new development of international law.

You can view the complete paper here

Event Details

DATE: 26 August 2015


ROOM: Moot Court EA2.51, *N BL VMP BL General 2; Waterfront Mtg Room, AD Level 2 ad2.308, Warrnambool BL Comp Lab Meeting Room j4.20

TIME: 12 pm

ATTENDANCE: Deakin Law School staff and HDR students


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Natalie Ward


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