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Dale may face new charges

Victoria Police likely to prepare brief of evidence

Deakin Law School’s corruption expert, Associate Professor Cindy Davids, said that alleged misconduct by former detective Paul Dale falls 'egregiously short of acceptable standards of behaviour from public office holders'.

In revelations by Fairfax Media last week, Victoria Police is reported to be finalising a brief of evidence over the charge of ‘misconduct in public office’ (MIPO) in a last ditch attempt to have Dale convicted of a corruption offences in connection with murdered underworld figure Carl Williams.

Since 2003, police have failed in their attempts to have Dale convicted of burglary, drug trafficking and murder charges.

However Associate Professor Davids said that the 'gravity of the alleged misconduct makes a MIPO charge absolutely compelling'.

The possibility of pursuing fresh charges against Dale follows findings handed down by the State Coroner on 31 July 2015 that there was insufficient evidence to hold him responsible for the murder of police corruption informer Terence Hodson, who was shot dead with his wife Christine in Kew in May 2004.

Associate Professor Davids teaches Criminal Procedure, Police and the Law and International Financial Crime in the Deakin Law School. She is also an adviser and consultant to the Victorian Ombudsman’s Office, Victoria Police, Australian Federal Police, NSW Police Integrity Commission and the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission

For more information: theage.com.au/victoria/former-detective-paul-dale-faces-possible-corruption-charges-the-last-chance-for-conviction-20150730-gio3y2.html

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