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Mining and Energy Law book launch

"Tackling one of the most important themes in law."

Deakin Law School Professor Samantha Hepburn launched her book Mining and Energy Law at Deakin City Centre earlier this month.

With a founding argument that 'energy lies at the core of every human necessity', it is currently the only available publication that discusses both the law and the policy of mining and resource regulation in existing and emerging areas pertaining to the Commonwealth, as well as to the states and territories in Australia.

'We are grappling with our existing regulatory tools and it is possible that resource conflicts will exacerbate', Professor Hepburn says.

Hepburn thus examines the ownership framework underpinning natural resources within Australia and reviews the proprietary status and scope of mining tenements, and the regulation of offshore petroleum extraction.

'The State currently owns all the resources, but how do they actually access them…and how do we try to manipulate or develop frameworks that can somehow deal with these concerns?' Hepburn queries.

Exploring the legal regimes that have emerged in response to more recent developments, the publication discusses in depth themes such as coal seam gas, renewable energy and geo-sequestration.

It also encompasses commercial and contractual arrangements commonly used by transacting parties operating in the sector.

To celebrate the launch, distinguished guests, the pre-eminent economist, Professor Ross Garnaut, The Victorian auditor-general, John Doyle and  Justice Geoffrey Nettle from the High Court of Australia were in attendance.

The book is available for purchase on the Cambridge University Press website.

              The Hon Justice Geoffrey Nettle, Prof Hepburn and Prof Bagaric                                           Prof Hepburn and Prof Garnaut

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