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Commerce and law student Bridgette paves way for success

"It was an honour and a shock to receive the Premier’s award."

Deakin commerce and law student Bridgette Dunn knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue studies in the field of business. Adding law was a natural choice after winning the Premier’s VCE award for her outstanding efforts in legal studies earlier this year.

‘My life-long fascination with the business world is definitely what influenced me to look at a career path that may end in a large firm or business, and thus, what made me decide to study commerce.

‘My dad has also always been in business and I’ve always been inspired by him,’ Bridgette says.

‘I saw a careers counsellor when I was in year ten and she suggested that I look into the bachelor of commerce and law at Deakin. Ever since then I have always aspired to get the enter score to get in,’ Bridgette says.

Earlier this year, Bridgette was among 270 Victorian high-school students to receive the Premier’s VCE award for outstanding achievements in their VCE – hers was for two perfect scores of 50 in her legal studies exams.

‘It was an honour and a shock to receive the Premier’s award. I guess it made me quite proud of myself, and made all the hard work worth it.  

‘My score in legal studies definitely also influenced my decision to study law at a tertiary level. I loved the course, and it was by far my favourite subject. It fascinated me and I felt really confident that I understood it,’ she says.

Bridgette says that when it came to choosing a university she never really looked at any options other than Deakin.

‘I loved the commercial law focus at Deakin. The Open Day persuaded me as well, the university had a really fun and vibrant vibe.

‘The student focus, and the really welcoming atmosphere were such a welcoming characteristic. Deakin has amazing facilities and a really modern feel. I really love it!’

With a law and commerce degree in the making Bridgette has not yet decided what career she will pursue exactly. What she is certain about is that her Deakin double degree will definitely enhance her employability, as it teaches students to think in a critical and analytical way, a skill that she deems as valuable in any profession.

‘I’m really not sure whether I would like to pursue a career in commerce or law, or even potentially both. However, I’ve always aspired to work closely with people, so something with a client focus is on my radar. I’ve also always wanted to work in a large firm, with lots of opportunities available.’

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