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Deakin Juris Doctor: personalised and practical

Are you looking for a personal and intellectual challenge?

Have you completed an undergraduate degree and want to take your academic studies further? Are you interested in pursuing a legal career and developing the skills that will help you excel in a range of industries? Are you looking for a personal and intellectual challenge?

If this sounds like you, the Deakin Juris Doctor (JD) could be just what you’re looking for: a postgraduate law degree that offers a convenient, personalised approach to legal study.

What exactly is a Juris Doctor (JD)?

A Juris Doctor or JD sets you up for successful entry into the legal profession, while also equipping you with the knowledge and expertise to get a job in a number of different fields. It’s designed for graduates from non-law backgrounds and over three years you’ll study all the subjects required to be able to practise law. From criminal to family and corporate law, a range of areas are covered to ensure there is something to keep you intellectually challenged and stimulated at all times. You’ll look at policy, persuasion and problem solving, and it’s safe to say that after completing the JD you’ll rarely lose an argument!

What’s it like to study the JD at Deakin?

One of the great things about the Deakin JD is that after a three day on-campus orientation program, the course is delivered entirely online through the University’s innovative and interactive e-learning platform, CloudDeakin. This means that you can study where and when you want – no matter what you’ve got going on. CloudDeakin offers course content via digital study guides, online lectures, live tutorials, discussion forums, self-assessment tests, and an array of video and audio content to keep you informed and stimulated at all times.

The 24/7 online access to resources, combined with academic and peer assistance makes the Deakin JD program a convenient and flexible way to study, and, with the option of having face-to-face consultations and on-campus revision sessions, you’re guaranteed the support you need to successfully complete your degree.

What are the benefits of completing the Deakin JD?

Deakin Law School is not only the third oldest in Victoria, but has also been ranked as one of the state’s top law schools by the prestigious QS World University Rankings. As Associate Professor and JD program director, Julie Clarke says: ‘Deakin boasts an outstanding reputation in online learning and has been a leader in distance education for over 40 years.’

You not only get access to outstanding resources via CloudDeakin, but you also have the support of Deakin law academics, who are recognised nationally and internationally for both their legal expertise and research.

Finally, at the end of the program you’ll fulfil the academic requirements for admission to legal practice in Victoria and take away a postgraduate qualification that offers many other exciting career opportunities. JD graduates can work as lawyers, but there are countless other options if you want to follow a different path. Media and regulatory agencies, NGOs, international organisations, business, government departments, consulting firms, academia and politics are all industries where JD students can make their mark.

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