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Law & medical jurisprudence research hub seminar

"Academic integrity through a legal lens and across disciplines."

Join Professor Ian Freckelton QC as he discusses 'Plagiarism in the Law: Issues for Students, Practitioners and Judges'.

The presentation will be based on Professor Freckelton’s recently published book, Scholarly Misconduct: Law, Practice, and Regulation (OUP 2016), which is 'the first text of its kind to scrutinize the topic of academic integrity through a legal lens and across disciplines. Freckelton chronicles and analyses case law from around the globe, looking specifically at the legal and regulatory responses that were generated. The work also assesses the current policies and practices of academic and research institutions and government agencies worldwide. Finally, it reflects on the measures that need to be undertaken to reclaim and promote scholarly integrity and to institute rigorous, fair, and clear processes to establish whether scholars have indeed engaged in misconduct'.