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Aurora Internship Program 2016

The Aurora Internship Program introduces law students to career opportunities in native title, policy development, research and social justice, all with an indigenous focus.

The Aurora Project was established in 2006 as a result of a report into the professional development needs of lawyers at Native Title Representative Bodies. Over the years it has grown to encompass other projects in the broader area of Indigenous education and Indigenous affairs generally.

Since 2003, the Aurora Internship Program has provided law students and graduates the opportunity to experience working in the area of native title and governance through internships at Native Title Representative Bodies (NTRBs), Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) and at other organisations involved in policy development, research and social justice, all working to support the Indigenous sector Australia-wide.

Internships are offered Australia-wide.

Applications for the winter 2016 round of internships will be accepted until 5 pm Friday 1 April 2016. 

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