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Corporate governance in the European Union

Recent developments and future challenges for the EU.

Deakin Law School is pleased to invite you to hear from Professor Beate Sjåfjell (Dr. Juris at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Law), who will present on the most recent corporate governance developments in the EU and what these mean for business and investors.

Professor Sjåfjell will also share her perspective on whether these corporate governance developments are sufficient to promote the necessary transition of business and finance from business-as-usual and onto a sustainable path – in the economic sense as well as socially and environmentally.  This will be based on the results of the international research project Sustainable Companies (2010-2014), and on the preliminary results of the new research project: Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade (SMART). The SMART Project (2016-2020) is funded by the European Union’s framework programme Horizon 2020, and has 25 partners internationally, including Deakin University.

Speaker biography

Beate Sjåfjell is Professor Dr. Juris at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Law, and head of the Faculty’s Research Group Companies, Markets, Society and the Environment as well as several international networks and projectsBeate has presented numerous papers internationally, including at the International Corporate Governance & Law Forums in 2014 in Melbourne and 2016 in Hong Kong.