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From the classroom to the courtroom

DLS students experience life inside the court of appeal

In June, Geelong Magistrates Court welcomed a group of Deakin Law School (DLS) students to observe a court of appeal hearing against the conviction and sentence of a person charged with offences of intentionally causing serious injury.

The lead judge for the circuit spoke about the case to the students, as well as answering questions before the sitting commenced. The hearing itself provided valuable insights into the day-to-day court proceedings and the students were able to learn even more about their area of interest – an opportunity many will not forget.

Find out what our students gained from the experience:

'The opportunity to converse with the Judges was a pivotal moment in my law school journey. I valued their honest conversation and transparency. For me, it really cemented that what we’re learning is the foundation of professional experience. What also resonated with me, was their effort to educate us on finding a balance for both parties when sentencing – that is, punish and rehabilitate the offender and provide restitution for the victim. I hope Deakin Law School continues to provide these opportunities to support its students.' – Liana Avyerinos

'I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be part of this experience and to hear the Judges speak prior to the hearing. It was fascinating and I was most interested to hear the Judges' opinions on the difference it makes to the legal system, having judges come from diverse areas of specialty as well as the richness this brings to their legal practicing. It was also delightful to get insight into the everyday life of Judge's Associate – a pathway that I had previously not given much thought to. I was most appreciative of the consideration taken in setting up this opportunity for the students as well as providing the court materials for us.' – Raphaelle Meikle-Stewart

'I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to attend the Q&A with the Judges prior to watching the appeal. The Judges were logical in responding to our questions and it highlighted for me that the stresses of law study shouldn't be overwhelming to the point of exhaustion – a lesson I feel a lot of students should take on board. The Judges explained their roles for the appeal and how they dissect the arguments from counsel. I would encourage any law student to attend these opportunities whenever possible to see and learn about the real world application of what we study.' – Rick Creamer

'I found being able to witness this case really fascinating. It gave me genuine insight into the atmosphere, tone and language of the court proceedings. I would highly recommend any Deakin student attend an event such as this. The opportunity to question and explore some of Victoria's most prominent legal minds was a truly unique and rewarding experience. It gives an invaluable understanding of the courtroom and the wider criminal law environment.' – Phil Carapalis

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