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Graduate work-ready with the skills currently in demand by employers

Take one of our Law Clinic units.

Take one of our Law Clinic units: Civil and Commercial Law Clinic or Venture Law Clinic. Limited places still available for T1 2017.

The Law Clinic environment will provide students with a 360 degree experience of professional practice. Students work in an office environment using professional matter management systems, deal with clients, research and provide strategic legal solutions, and engage with various parties including clients, parties on the other side as well as supervisors and colleagues. The Clinic provides legal services over a range of legal issues chosen to give students professional experiences touching the key types of legal problems, parties, decision makers and tribunals that will give students an insight into the diversity and complexity of legal practice. The areas of legal practice are: contract, migration law, consumer law, victims of crime compensation and special circumstances, and, fair work employment.

Students will manage their own legal matter under supervision of Clinic supervisors and specialist legal practitioners from initial client intake and interview to final outcome and closing of file (subject to Clinic time limits). Students develop professional skills through the challenge of applying theoretical legal knowledge to real world clients in order to develop strategic legal solutions that meet client needs.

Current Law Clinic student, Joshua Lim, said:

The Law Clinic has been the most insightful and profound program I have participated in at Deakin Law School, and the skills learnt are something to be treasured wherever you go. Students are given a hands-on, 'reality check' experience that you cannot get from any lecture hall or exam paper, but unlike an internship, you are more than just an intern at the Law Clinic. Rather we become part of 'the firm', where students run the matters, and actively contribute to legal strategies and client management in a meaningful way, something you cannot get anywhere else!

The Clinic develops employment ready skills and gives students the opportunity to critically look at the legal systems and the opportunities to engage in law reform.

Please contact your course advisor to enrol for the clinical units in T1 2017.

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