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DLS alumni conferred as LIV Accredited Specialists

Deakin Law School is proud to announce that two if its alumni were recently conferred as Law Institute Victoria (LIV) Accredited Specialists.

Recognised as leaders in their field, LIV Accredited Specialists significantly broaden their career opportunities and recognition among peers.

A major achievement, this award also provides recipient practitioners with myriad opportunities to differentiate themselves through attaining a higher level of competence and specialist skills in one targeted area.

Deakin Bachelor of Laws graduate Victoria Kilby says that while it was sometimes difficult to find the time to study for the accreditation exam while also working full time, it was well worth the effort.

‘The Accredited Specialisation Program helped to expand and solidify my knowledge of family law.  Studying an area which is applicable to my daily practice, also made the exercise a whole lot more meaningful,’ she says.

‘This achievement is certainly the highlight of my career to date,’ Kilby adds. 

In order to apply for specialist accreditation status, applicants must first be able to maintain an outstanding level of professional development in their specialisation.

Once they have achieved this, they are able to attempt the rigorous examination process, which has been developed by legal experts and tests the high level of expertise in their chosen area.

Bachelor of Laws (Honours) graduate Chris Grisenti, who attained Accredited Specialist status in Costs Law, recalls that the process was quite involved.

‘I had to complete a written examination, simulated hearing, take home assessment, and prepare submissions to the Court,’ he says.

‘This was all required to be done over less than two weeks, which was quite gruelling – especially because I hadn’t sat an exam in such a long time.’

‘I’m very honoured to be recognised as an Accredited Specialist and proud I was able to complete the course,’ Chris says.

Beyond the personal and professional recognition and career opportunities that come with such a prestigious title, this accreditation also opens exciting doors on the academic front.

LIV Accredited Specialists seeking to pursue further study, can take advantage of credit-for-prior learning arrangements into Deakin’s Master of Laws for example. For more information visit the Deakin Recognition of prior learning website.

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