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Law intensives offer unique opportunities

If exploring pressing challenges in international law seems appealing, how about doing so under the direction of 2020 Australian Barrister of the year Prof. Felicity Gerry QC?

Deakin Law School’s law intensive for Trimester 2 2021, is Contemporary International Legal Challenges: War crimes, national security and digital defence. Led by Prof Gerry, this unit offers an exploration of international law that will develop a multifaceted understanding of international law and its impacts. 

Prof Gerry’s expertise in this area is substantial, having been prominently involved in high profile cases in international, UK and Australian jurisdictions. Her approach includes arguing novel points of law “to make the law work in new challenges or new situations”. 

This is particularly important because her focus is the outcomes of complex international law that impact individuals, within domestic contexts and in the name of national security.

Her legal work has led to a historic change in UK law and the intervention, via an amicus brief on behalf of witnesses and victims, in the war crimes trial of Radovan Karadzic. She is also one of the few women silks who have led the defence in a terrorism trial.

The unique immersion working with Prof Gerry creates a lasting impact in students’ thinking and careers, even as they go on to work in vastly different areas of law.

MLL419 / MLJ729 Contemporary International Legal Challenges (Intensive)

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