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Aspiring legal minds test their arguments in DLS’s high school debate

Deakin Law School's inaugural High School Debate gave pre-university students the opportunity to argue legal theory in the highly appropriate setting of the DLS moot court.

Almost 70 students from 16 schools attended the first Deakin Law School High School Debate which was held on Sunday 26 June 2022.

The competition was hosted in collaboration with the Debaters’ Association of Victoria as part of Deakin Law School’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

Students generally demonstrated very high quality arguments for matters of legal theory, such as the proposition that criminal sentencing should focus more on rehabilitation than punishment.

After three rounds, Melbourne Grammar School and Camberwell Grammar School emerged as competitors for the grand final, which was held in the new Moot Court.

Competitors in both teams performed admirably, with Melbourne Grammar announced as the winning team.

Deakin Law School would like to congratulate Shakhram Rakhmatullaev, Krish Sen and Jerry Hui, who attend Melbourne Grammar School, along with the Head of Debating, Mr Vincent Chiang.

We would also like to congratulate the finalists from Camberwell Grammar School, Alan Tian, Cooper Carbone, Oliver To, Ray He and Kevin Xu who were coached by Dr Melanie Mandusic.




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