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The legal profession needs more of these people

What sort of person makes a good lawyer?

If you’re asking this question, perhaps you’re even wondering whether you could fit the bill. You may be a recent graduate of another degree, or perhaps you’ve been working in another field, but have been harbouring dreams of pursuing a career in law. 

If this sounds like you, a Juris Doctor qualification could take you where you want to go.

It can take a certain kind of person to succeed in law. You might be: 


Not to be confused with aggression, an assertive person is comfortable stating their opinions, arguing their case, backing it up with facts, and convincing people to see things their way.  


Can you look at information others have seen a hundred times and find a fresh angle, a scrap of information others might have missed, a different way of seeing the world? A good lawyer can think outside the box and find unique solutions to a problem. 


Performing in court is only a tiny portion of a lawyer’s life – and some lawyers never see the inside of a courtroom. But all lawyers spend a lot of their time researching and investigating details – of contracts, cases, strategies. If you’re the sort of person who can find a needle in a haystack, or an error in a 100-page document, you might have what it takes. 


It’s one thing to be well-trained in the law, but it’s another to be able to share your knowledge, explain your strategies, and convince others to see things the way you see them. Being able to speak clearly and logically is key. 


Are you a keen observer of those around you? Do you listen intently and notice the details? Are you able to understand when people are being open and honest, or if they’re being evasive and avoiding your questions? A good lawyer can tell the difference, and knows how to talk to all kinds of people. 

If you can put a tick against those qualities, or you’re keen and ready to learn, you could be just the sort of person the law needs. 

Deakin University’s Juris Doctor (JD) is a proven pathway to legal practice and a successful career in law. Whether you’re a new graduate or a busy professional wanting a career change, a JD with Deakin offers flexible online learning, accredited qualifications that can lead to legal practice, and real world opportunities. 

Want to know more? Register here for our free online Juris Doctor course webinar, where you can hear from our course leaders about how you can begin your successful legal career. 

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